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Sri Lanka is a hidden treasure trove to nature holics where occasional living wonders endemic to our small land area surprises them, hooking them to our bountiful island with absolute awe.

At Tree of Life

As one of the well-known hotels in Kandy, we bridge you with the true essence of nature. Come and experience the inexpressible enormity of the strength of Mother Nature which we as species with the highest intelligence have ignored to comprehend.
Be guided by our trained staff to meander through the green foliage where an occasional color splash of birdie will pop, drawing the image in the most sensitive corner of your heart. Permit the higher power to touch you, to soothe your pulses, revive your tired senses sharpening them to get a more realistic grip on the surroundings, to live the moment among the stillness of the earth, and to be a part of the great circle of life.