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The Glorious

Pearl of the Indian Ocean

Sri Lanka, with its warm climate, is a tear-drop-shaped island in the Indian Ocean. A country abundant with beautiful beaches, sunny seashores, mountain ranges, tropical rain forests, and a diversity of wildlife, this is a perfect destination for your next flight. Whether you need a location suitable for an adrenaline-rushed journey or a relaxing, sunny vacation, or a walk among the ruins and remnants, you will be fascinated by a magical land of beauty. The irresistible charm of the people and the unforgettable cuisines are a few of the myriad blessings you would encounter in this heaven.

Sacred City of KANDY

Having being elevated 465 meters from sea level, it is no wonder that the city has a touch of the magnificent heavens above. With a soothing atmosphere keeping souls at blissful rest, the land area not only excels at the scenic breath-taking views but also for the rich heritage where our brave kings dwelled in their glorious splendor.

One of the Enchanting Hotels in Kandy

Zooming in through the lush green foliage of the captivating Kandy city, there lies the mere depiction of the cradle of nature, in the name of Tree of Life, renowned as one of the favorites among best Hotels in Kandy.
Placed at an elevation of 1,531ft above sea level and 116km from Colombo, approached by an approximately 2 ½ hours drive from Colombo. Every tiring effort is not a waste of your precious time, as you behold this place of heavenly haven, made entirely by preserving the natural elegance.

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