Explore the mysteries of Bungalows in Kandy with
Homes Bungalow

Owned by Hotel Tree of Life, Homes Bungalow is one of the best holiday bungalows in Kandy. It’s more than just a hotel or natural resort, nestled within the heart of Kandy city and with the presence of a serene and enchantingly quiet landscape, offering you glorious views of the misty central mountain peaks. The Homes Bungalow is a hideout in greenish mountains that stands tall in its antique glory of colonial grandeur. Homes bungalows are different from Kandy bungalows because they have unique varieties of hotel activities & hotel accommodation in Kandy that give you the best experience

What makes Homes bungalow “Special” among the Bungalows in Kandy?

Homes Bungalow is an absolute scenic natural resort hailed as one of the best villas in Kandy. The century-old historical bungalow is amid the picturesque Yahalatenna, Barigama, and Werellagama, approximately 15 minutes from Kandy city, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the combining presence of Colonial architecture and state-of-the-art accommodation facilities, there is no doubt remains the most special among the Holiday Bungalows in Kandy.

Discover the splendid natural beauty hidden in the ancient city of Kandy

Homes Bungalow is a scenic nature resort situated in Yahalatenna, located 8 kilometers from the heritage city of Kandy. Its surroundings are breathtaking, bringing a calmness of rural life and breaking free from urban life. Despite looking like an old cottage, Homes bungalow provides an array of unique services like comfortable living spaces, healthy Ayurveda treatments, a classical-looking bar with the finest wines, and a large billiard pool for your enjoyment. Enjoy your family time with leisure having a sip of warm coffee or tea in the beautiful garden surrounding the resort.

Enjoy an epic stay at Homes Bungalow, the Best among Holiday Bungalows in Kandy with Luxury & Comfort.

Homes Bungalow offers modern state-of-the-art accommodation facilities for you and your family. While spending your quality time with your close ones, take a moment to enjoy some awesome activities to do in Kandy that drive out all your pressures in your head and bring a touch of peace to your soul. While drinking, enjoy birds’ chirpings and the fragrance of flowers with a smooth breeze. Enjoy your time with loved ones in the private bar with a taste of the