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Explore the best of Sri Lankan Herbal Products

Introducing Treelife, a unique range of products crafted to enrich the quality of your life through natural, herbal goodness. All Treelife products are manufactured using only the freshest, natural ingredients extracted from plants and trees that are carefully grown in special herbal gardens. Our team of herbal specialists pays attention to every minute detail of the manufacturing process so that the best is extracted from each of these wonderful creations of Mother Nature. The whole process adheres to the highest standards of quality to offer you the very best ayurvedic products in Sri Lanka in today’s market.
All the products are manufactured under our brand name “Tree of Life”, but as a value addition to our loyal customers, we undertake customized orders, which will be manufactured under your brand name according to your specifications. The products manufactured will go through the same strict protocols, we implement for our productions ensuring product quality at the highest level.

Note: We strictly adhere to the rule of not reproducing a specific customized product under another brand, without the explicit permission of the respective owners.