Hint Nuwara-Eliya

About Us

Hint Nuwara Eliya is an Ayurvedic brand formed as a limited liability company and a worthy project registered under the Board of Investment. The beginning of the company was nourished by the immense love founders had towards the environment and the harsh realization that many of the highly commercialized Ayurvedic products are fake and packed with dangerous implications to the user.
Thus as a company nurturing and promoting green values, we have taken the responsibility to provide genuinely high-quality Ayurvedic oils, soaps, and ointments, which are manufactured in our backyard.
The manufacturing process is done at our factory, located at Yahalatenna, Barigama, Werella Game, Kandy, which is a facility with modern equipment. The process itself is done with supreme care, which is regulated according to strict hygiene protocols.

If there’s one word that sums up the Ayurveda approach to staying young, it’s “balance”. If we can keep mind, body, and environment in proper balance, youthfulness is prolonged and aging doesn’t have to mean deterioration…”

(Reference Serendib Volume 120 Nov. 2000)

Wide Range of Products

Our philosophy is to engage with people at the grassroots & work holistically with nature to bring out its benefits and create products that not only improve but enrich human lives

Wide Range of Treatment Methods

Our wide range of Ayurveda treatments are available in luxury spa retreats. These extend from 1-day breaks to 14 day retreats. Take time off to look after yourself and revive your body and mind.

All the products are manufactured under our brand name “Tree of Life”, but as a value addition to our loyal customers, we undertake customized orders, which will be manufactured under your own brand name according to your specifications.
The products manufactured will go through the same strict protocols, we implement for our productions ensuring product quality at the highest level.

Note : We strictly adhere to the rule of not reproducing a specific customized product under another brand, without the explicit permission of the respective owners.