An introduction to the Heavenly Hills

Hillheaven Bungalow

Explore the mysteries of Bungalows in Nuwara-Eliya with
Hillheaven Bungalow

Take a step back in time, and feel like you haven’t moved anywhere at all. Such is the magic of the City of Lighhts; fondly remembered as ‘Little England’. Holiday bungalows are as old as the city itself – was said to have been built by the British in the early days. The Hillheaven – Nuwara Eliya, a five-bed chamber family or group get-away is one such bungalow. Roaring embers of wooden fireplaces will keep you warm during chillier hours.

Start your day with classic Sri Lankan hoppers, coconut roti, roast bread with fiery Sri Lankan chicken curry as a cup of tea cheerfully steams by your plate, in the golden hour of the day. Enjoy our authentic Sri Lankan cuisine and spend a day of recreation.

Our Glorious History

Mahagasthota Tea Estate used to be a wild forest that turned into a tea estate. More than 100 years old, Hillheaven Bungalow used to be a part of the Mahagasthota Tea estate. During the colonial era it was owned by an Estate manager, Mr. Carnival.

Colonel Walter Henry Kenny purchased the property after the Second World War when he arrived from India to Sri Lanka. He acquired the bungalow, given his love for Sri Lanka and Nuwara Eliya at the time. Colonel Walter Henry Kenny had a boiler company called ‘Kenny & Company’ in Kelaniya, and he was also the 1st person famous for running boat rides at Gregory Lake.

Henry Kenny, a former member of the Nuwara Eliya Hill Club, was known for serving evening tea to the former Prime Minister Dudley Senanayake, who would visit mostly for work purposes at the Nuwara Eliya city council.

In 1986, the colonel died, leaving his bungalow to his wife & 4 children. In 1992, the colonel’s wife sold the property to Tree of Life, a sister company, HINT Nuwara Eliya (Pvt) Ltd.