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Birds in Sri Lanka

Why you should try Bird watching in Sri Lanka?

For nature lovers, Bird watching in Sri Lanka is a must. There are many places in Sri Lanka where you can go bird watching. Kumana is one such great place. It is situated on the East Coast, Bundala, Kalamatiya area is on the southern coast. Sinharaja Rain Forest, Udawatta Kele, Horton Plains, Bellanwila, Muthurajawela, Minneriya, Kitulgala, Minipe, Yala, and Udawalawe National Parks are other important Bird watching locations in Sri Lanka. In addition, you can see Birds throughout the country in pockets of forests, lakes, lagoons, and riversides during your travels. Make reservations for Relax packages & Refresh packages from Hotel Tree of Life, the finest hotels in Kandy and make beautiful memories by discovering the birds in Sri Lanka
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Sinharaja Rain Forest

It is one of the most important natural habitats in Sri Lanka. The Sinharaja rainforest is one of the best places for bird watching and offers a diversity of species of flora and fauna. A large proportion of those being indigenous to the country and some more specifically endemic to Sinharaja itself. However, a permit is required to enter the reserve. The forest department will provide a forest guide. The ticket office at Kudawa can be traveled by a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high ground clearance if needed to reach the forest entrance, from which point bird watching ought to be on foot. The path is well defined, but be mindful of the leeches especially, during the rainy season.

Horton Plains National Park

Horton Plains is the only National Park located in the hill country within the Nuwara Eliya district. In Sri Lanka, it is also another best place for bird watching, which has superb panoramic scenery with the famous World’s End, which is also another major attraction. An endemic loris and purple monkey are more among animal species, as well as sambur and endemic avifauna in Horton plains.

Udawatta Kele Bird Sanctuary

About km (0.6 miles) east of Trinity College, off Wewelpitiya Road, this is one of Sri Lanka’s more accessible bird sanctuaries for bird watching. It is a stretch of wilderness only a stone throw from the city center with towering forest giants and creepers giving shelter to bird species including Layard’s parakeet, Sri Lanka hanging parrot, Yellow-fronted Barbet, black-capped bulbul, emerald dove, three species of kingfisher, Chestnut-headed bee-eater and Tickell’s blue flycatcher.

Knuckles Wilderness Bird Sanctuary

Knuckles Wilderness is another bird-watching site that has a large variety of beautiful birds in Sri Lanka. Lying 25km east of the city of Kandy, the Knuckles mountain range exists as a unique ecosystem separate from the rest of the central hills. Covering a distance of about 12 miles, Knuckles extends roughly from the northwest to the southwest of Sri Lanka. Over 120 bird species recorded here include many endemic ones including the Yellow-fronted Barbet, dusky-blue flycatcher, Ceylon lorikeet, Ceylon grackle, Yellow-eared Bulbul, and Layard’s parakeet.
Birds in Sri Lanka

Commonly found Birds in hotel Tree of Life

Asian Paradise Flycatcher

In reference to their size, it is known as Small Sunbirds and is nectar-eating sunbirds. These hummingbird-sized birds are commonly observed feeding on bright-colored flowers, dew-bathing, or bathing by sliding in drops of rain collected on large leaves

Sri Lankan Junglefowl

The Sri Lankan junglefowl, also known as the Ceylon junglefowl, is a member of the Galliformes bird order which is endemic to Sri Lanka, where it is the national bird. It is closely related to the red jungle fowl, the wild jungle fowl from which the chicken was domesticated.

Sri Lankan Hanging Parrot

Sri Lanka’s hanging parrot is small and mainly green in color which is only 13 cm long with a short tail. Hanging parrot is less gregarious than some of its relatives and is usually alone or in small groups outside the breeding season.

Crimson-backed Flameback

The crimson-backed flame back or greater Sri Lanka flame back (Chrysocolaptes Strickland) is a species of bird in the woodpecker family Picidae that is endemic to Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lankan Yellow – fronted Barbet

The yellow-fronted barbet is an Asian barbet that is an endemic resident breeder in Sri Lanka. Barbets and toucans are a group of near passerine birds with a worldwide tropical distribution

Sri Lankan Grey Hornbill

The Sri Lanka grey hornbill is a bird in the hornbill family which is the common endemic resident breeder in Sri Lanka. Hornbills are a family of tropical near-passerine birds found in the Old World.

Brown Wood Owl

The brown wood owl is an owl that is a resident breeder in south Asia from India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka east to western Indonesia and south China.

Sri Lanka Green Pigeon

The Sri Lanka green pigeon is a pigeon in the genus Treron. In Sri Lanka, bata goya in the Sinhala language is known as the pigeon in green.

Sri Lanka Woodshrike

The Sri Lanka wood shrike is a species of bird in the wood shrike family Tephrodornithidae. It is found in Sri Lanka and is sometimes considered a subspecies of the common wood shrike.