Wellness through Nature’s Wealth

Wellness Holiday Accommodation

Sustainable Living at our Wellness Retreat

We offer you to sink into the warmth of our care. We believe in sustainable tourism. With solar panels on our roofs and using recycling material, AyuuWellness Village is an eco-friendly resort. Ever conscious of the blessed nature that engulfs us so lovingly, we have done everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint. With a transparent pricing policy, we invite you to explore the avenues of ultimate rejuvenation in our unique resort.

Quiet Spaces of Natural Elegance

Hotel Tree of Life is more popular for chalet accommodation that includes custom-designed hardwood floors and high roofs to add an extra touch of comfort together with modern amenities at your fingertips. The charming spacious chalets are gorgeously clothed in chestnut-hued wooden accents and traditional Sri Lankan touches.
Let the fragrant breeze that sweeps across mountains lull you to perfect relaxation. Breathe in tranquility and peace. These unique chalets are well spaced honoring your privacy and basked in soothing unspoiled lush greenery everywhere you go, Relax and Rejoice!!