Ayuu Wellness Village Kandy

Finest and Prime Ayurveda Retreat in Kandy

Ayurveda is not just a few medicines or a few scriptures, but a holistic total lifestyle deeply involved with yoga, meditation, food habits, and epigenetic social cultures. Wellness and Ayurveda is an enchanting combination of tradition and modernity. Wellness therapies have grown manifold offering insights into its use of healthy diets, herbal treatment & yogic breathing

What makes us unique among Ayurveda resorts in Kandy…?

Hotel tree of life is one of the best hotels in Kandy that offers traditional ayurvedic treatments at our Ayuu wellness Village. This unique retreat, with its 65 acres of lush greenery surrounding you, is only a spot to remain yet a place to relax, learn and experience the splendors of nature and culture. Respecting each individual’s preference for their health & wellbeing, we offer you to sink into the warmth of our care.

Hailed as one of the Finest among Ayurveda resorts in Kandy, we believe in sustainable tourism. With solar panels on our roofs and using recycling material, Ayuu Wellness village is an eco-friendly resort. Ever conscious of the blessed nature that engulfed us so affectionately, we have done everything possible to reduce our carbon footprint. With a transparent pricing policy, we welcome you to explore the roads of extreme rejuvenation in our unique resort.

Discover the wonder of traditional Ayurveda Treatments from the Finest among Ayurveda Resorts in Kandy.

Kingdom/Hill Capital

A Peaceful respite of the last Sri Lankan

A confined Hill country sanctuary to discover ‘the knowledge of life,’ Ayuu wellness Village by Tree of Life Nature Resort, Kandy Sri Lanka broadens an open greeting for you to submerge yourself in our Authentic Art.

Here, generations of wisdom come to life with the glow of daylight, the delicate breeze, and a sense of the cultural heritage of the Last Sri Lankan Kingdom. A place that is calm and tranquil, yet not so far away from the city. Located within proximity to the historic temple of tooth relic, we are surrounded with regal splendor and monarchical charms from an era of King and Queen which sets the benchmark in hill capital as a symbol of wellness hotels in Sri Lanka.

Dr. Consultation

Your Inner Sanctuary

Designed Around The Healing Art Of Wellness

Keeping with therapies our doctor will integrate Psychological support, through counseling and advising. Choose from indulgent traditional Ayurvedic massages & traditional facial treatments. Working with both spiritual wellness and physical wellness, all therapies are designed with extreme care and attention to deliver maximum relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Contemporary in our spaces, yet traditional in our traditions, you can sink into the warmth of our care by sharing the wonders of our ancient healing science

Relax & Renew

Wellness Center

Wellness, Yoga & Meditation

Wellness can be categorized into spiritual wellness and physical wellness. Our Wellness village facilitates addressing both these aspects with extreme care and attention. The fundamental of wellness lies in total Relaxation, Detoxification, and Rejuvenation. Yoga and meditation go hand in hand with wellness. While yoga upholds the philosophy of balancing mind and body

The meditation will battle stress and harmonize your emotions from Sunrise to Sunset yoga, our yoga instructors will conduct daily sessions routinely.

Traditional Luxuries Dedicated To Our Ancient Science

As one of the recommended Ayurveda resorts in Kandy, Hotel Tree of Life gives Ayuu wellness Village that comprises all modern luxuries amalgamated with true health practices to give you the best in body beauty and spiritual well being. Take some quality time away from the rushing about of everyday life, and get yourself pampered with pure serenity to refresh your spirit, remedy the soul and replenish the senses.

Our carefully crafted therapies are a combination of results-focused techniques, age-old wisdom, and traditional spa expertise using powerful and effective botanically active formulations that address skin, body, and lifestyle concerns that allow you to relax and resuscitate.

Relax & Renew

Indulge in Luxurious Wellness Experiences


Harmonies your senses, reduce stress, eases tension, and a relaxing massage with a unique therapeutic intervention enriched with many health benefits. To refresh the Spirit, full body and head massages are the most commonly practiced.

Herbal Sauna

The Herbal Sauna is a chamber with inner walls built out of numerous dried herbs. It brings out the real aroma once heated. This will stimulate the respiratory system and supply your body

Steam Bath

The Steam bath is a soothing form of wet-fomentation, it involves an oil-infused massage which results in a multitude of benefits such as removing toxins from the body, boosting energy levels, infusing mental clarity, and opening clogged pores of the skin.

Herbal Bath

The Herbal Bath cleanses the skin and medicinal water addresses a variety of skin issues while the Flower bath is a therapeutic ritual in wellness therapies.

Slimming Program

It is a Panchakarma-based treatment that helps to reduce excess body weight. It includes special treatments using Herbal Pulp massage and a weight-reduction plan.


Rejuvenating with a variety of tropical facial massages that soothe, nourish, and more with specially formulated herbal cleansing rituals to look young and radiant also prevents premature aging.