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Tree of Life’s Authentic Ayurvedic Treatments

The resort facilitates many herbal treatments, ranging from Snehana (Oil Massage), Swedana (Steam Bath), Shirodara Kutisweda (Herbal Sauna) to the most commonly known, Aromatherapy.

Using the kind cooperation of all the trees planted in Tree of Life soil, we acquire herbs for our Ayurveda arsenal at the Saukya Ayurveda center, where the doctors of the resort blend the best of herbal essences into soothing remedies.


May you live long with Wellness..

People from all walks of life crave to bring their inner radiance, beauty, harmony, and wellbeing to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul, which will melt the tension away under the rhythmic pressures of skilled therapists, which will leave a feeling of relaxation. Charged and ready to conquer the world, Ayurveda “The Science of Life”!
Relax Your Soul

Herbal Bath

Rekindle your spark, relax the body, stimulate blood flow and moisturize your skin with a luxurious hot water bath with medicinal herbs and healing fragrances. They will also help you calm your emotions and aid you in many complications. Our collection of herbs will help you heal the body, mind, and spirit.
Relax Your Soul


Aromatherapy is one of the most sought-after alternative medications, where the lucky souls absorb the perfume essence of nature to evoke the best in one’s themselves.
Relax Your Soul

Herbal Sauna

The Herbal Sauna is a chamber built of various natural dry herbs, powdered and mixed throughout the inner walls. When heated, they bring out the aroma and energy to make the skin and body supple while stimulating the respiratory system.
Relax Your Soul

Swedana (Steam Bath)

Be emerged in herbal goodness in a tub filled with the essence of curative medical extracts from surrounding creations from nature’s hand
Relax Your Soul

Snehana (Oil Massage)

Let the well-oiled healing palms gently circle on your body, enhancing the blood circulation, rejuvenating every functioning cell in your body.
Relax Your Soul

Pinda Sweda

Prepared by a combination of herbs, tied into small bags of linen, dipped in warm oils, and then placed on the body, this Ayurvedic massage is done with more care to induce peaceful sleep and bring peace to your mind and body.
Relax Your Soul

Shirodhara Kutisweda

Let the gentle trickle of the medicated flow softly fall onto your third eye, healing the inexpressible worries that confine pleasures in life
Relax Your Soul

Herbal Tea

These beverages are delicious, low in calories, and will calm your senses and relax your body. We have created by infusing or brewing herbs, spices, fruits, or other plant material in hot water.